About The RDC


The Roxborough Development Corporation’s mission is to maintain Roxborough’s beauty and promote community planning and development in a clean, attractive, safe community, while focusing on business services within the area.

The RDC stresses the value in preserving a smaller community like Roxborough in a large urban city and in achieving a successful balance between commercial and residential activities within the neighborhood.

Although Roxborough has always enjoyed a strong sense of community, RDC’s past and current research indicates that the town’s most pressing need is the maintenance of the Ridge Avenue commercial corridor. Strategic direction for the RDC includes the ongoing revitalization of Ridge Avenue.

Development Objectives

The RDC’s development objectives include:
Recruiting desired new merchants.
Attracting specialty shops to the commercial corridor.
Helping merchants take advantage of business development resources and adopt innovative business technologies.
Promoting appropriate real estate development.
Creating opportunities to develop larger stores.
Assisting merchants to purchase their buildings.

Blending the resources of a small staff, a core of consultants, a board of directors, and a group of volunteers, the RDC enters its second decade by addressing the varied needs of the Roxborough community with energy and enthusiasm.

Board of Directors

The RDC’s community revitalization efforts are guided by its Board of Directors:
President: Dale Kline

Vice President: Sharon Crawford

Secretary: Rich Lombardo

Treasurer: Jack Harmer

Board Members: Connie Carr, Sharon Crawford, Barry Davis, John Davis, Jack Harmer, Joe Juliano, Dale Kline, Rich Lombardo, Michael Loughlin, Chris Martin, Charles (Chip) Roller, Robert Torres, Marge walsh, Jack Wheeler


A number of RDC subcommittees work continuously to revitalize the quality of the retail district to improve community life and add to the desirability of the neighborhood.

These committees include:

Design Committee

Rich Lombardo (Chair), Bob Torres Co-Chair)

Meetings: 6:30pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Roxborough Center, 6148 Ridge Avenue

Executive Committee

Dale Kline (Chair)

Members: Jack Harmer, Dale Kline, Rich Lombardo, Mike Loughlin, Sharon Crawford

Meetings: 5:30pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Roxborough Center, 6148 Ridge Avenue

Parking Committee

Jack Harmer (Chair)

Meetings: 4:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the Roxborough Center, 6148 Ridge Avenue

Promotion Committee

Dale Kline (Chair)

Meetings: 5:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the Roxborough Center, 6148 Ridge Avenue

The Roxborough Development Corporation is a Neighborhood Improvement District. Please click here to view our 2007-2008 audited financial statements. To review or discuss the full audited statement, please make an appointment with the RDC staff.