Some Fun Things You Can Do In Roxborough

Some Fun Things You Can Do In Roxborough

In this article, I am going to be talking about some fun things you can do in Roxborough, Philadelphia. This is a very fun place to be at, especially if you are on vacation and you want a quiet place to just calm down and chill.
Roxborough is definitely not going to give you the hustle and bustle of New York, but it will give you the calmness of small-town vibes.

1. You should definitely go to the custard stand, because they give you some of the best dessert spots in all of Philadelphia. The custard is home-made, and the ice cream is absolutely delicious; even though there may be some long lines, I definitely feel that you should stand in line for it, because it is that good. You should also know that these lines move pretty quickly. The custard stand is open all through spring and till the fall. It closes in the winter, because it’s too cold.

2. Secondly, I suggest you visit the golf club. It is a city-operated 18 hole golf course with a professional shop and also a practice area. This particular course is actually decently priced and is open to the public. You can actually visit this golf course and have a wonderful time in the great weather.


3. You can visit the youth soccer club. It is an organisation training programme for kids from ages 2 to 9 and also for boys who are under 14. It is a soccer club, and you can watch some of the matches.

4. You should definitely take a yoga class in the rec centre. There are a lot of yoga programmes that are offered for adults. I would suggest taking some of the fitness classes and the gymnastic classes as well. They are a lot of fun indeed.

5. You should definitely go to game night. You should unplug from your phone and play some of the 500 games that are offered at the basement Boardgame Cafe, which is located on Ridge Avenue. The cafe is BYOB, and it offers coffee and a lot of delicious food as well.


6. I would definitely suggest you take a walk around the reservoir. The reservoir is a nature area located on Port Royal Avenue, and it is a preserve that revitalised into nature, and there is a walking path. You should definitely take a walk here, and he will be able to be among the local wildlife. There are a couple of spots where you will find views of the entire city as well.

7. I highly suggest you attend the annual events, because they are a lot of fun indeed. I hope you enjoyed this small guide about exploring Roxborough.


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